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For too long Kenyan art has been whispered about. We believe now is the time for its magnificence to echo far and wide! There is talent to be discovered, there are treasures to be unearthed, and there are stories to be told.

Through this calendar we have a chance to celebrate our country through the eyes of gifted Kenyan artists. A chance to explore our beauty, wildlife, love, aspirations, hope, laughter and more!

We believe that if we truly come together around Kenyan art, invariably, great things will happen! Twaweza.

Best of
Kenya on Canvas____

Throughout this process we were humbled to see Kenyan art reach such great heights of creativity. As we come to a close, we would like to wish the successful artists a hearty congratulations for making it to our 2019 #ThisIsMyKenya calendar!

Congratulations to the chosen 36. We will reach out to the winners through Email [email protected] or phone +254712220154 by Monday 5 th November 5pm.

To view all 36 kindly go to the gallery.

Above all, we thank everyone who took part in the Kenya on Canvas competition for painting new realities for our art industry. #Twaweza