Pure Joy

Looking at my artwork brings back childhood memories of playing for hours without a care in the world. When you think it, a lot of art that comes out of various places here in Kenya, some would describe it as sombre or dark. However, come winter or summer it doesn’t matter, we always have the sun… that is the thing about Kenya because of the equator. Its the beauty of how Kenyans smile through everything and that is how I look at my subjects and from a child’s perspective as well. It doesn’t matter where i go in the continent, when i find children playing there are similarities that take me back to my own childhood. As an adult there are a lot of things that we do that we pretty much fence ourselves around from, that we don’t feel or see certain things anymore. That free thinking and openness to learning we can only see it through the eyes of a child. This show that money does not offer Joy, but happiness since money cannot afford the spiritual gifts like; Joy, Love, Kindness, Humility